Boom and Bust

Boom and Bust As a part of my late-night insomniac series, I was just watching a segment on the first big economic boom and bust in history: the Dutch Tulip Mania back in the seventeenth century. If you haven’t heard of this phenomenon, I suggest you Google. I’m no economist. Actually, I’m pretty terrible with […]

Intellectual Freedom: A Conundrum

 Intellectual Freedom I’ve seen it written somewhere recently, “what will you do with your one and only life?” Considering some might believe in reincarnation, I suppose this question isn’t as pressing. But there are consequences for living in that belief system, too. I guess, to be fair, it is still stirring to think, “what will […]

The Ultimate Internal Struggle

Civil War(s) I finished the Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War as the sun came up today, or, well, yesterday I suppose. I’ve joked that I fall asleep each morning (I can’t sleep at night) with the narrative of Mary Chesnut in my head, but truthfully she’s been with me all day and all […]

“Beyond the First Amendment”

“Beyond the First Amendment” Check out my guest blog post and the Let’s All Be Free project. Great people with great ideas! Follow them on Twitter @LetsAllBeFree. I was asked to blog about what freedom means to me, as a writer, a woman, an American, or any other way I chose to identify myself. Inevitably, […]

Beyond Good Ideas

I am excited to join the SISGI Group as the Features Editor and one of contributors for the inaugural issue of Beyond Good Ideas Magazine. This unique publication is hosted by the SISGI Group–a consulting group and nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the capacity of individuals, groups and organizations to create lasting social change. The […]

“Let it Be”?: An Existential Crisis

Let it Be? It would be odd for me not to experience some kind of existential crisis at least once a month. For April I decided to fixate on the idea that as much as we are feeble and futile human beings, we still have a hell of a lot of choices to make. Often […]

And I’ll Tell Them I Got it From My Momma

I didn’t inherit my mother’s tall, slim physique. I have my dad’s hair and face shape. I can be aggressive, sassy, and I like competition; my mom gets upset for my dad and me when the Giants lose and I’ve never heard her really raise her voice. My skin doesn’t tan well like my mom’s […]

We Are Made of Stars

*Not just because it is her birthday (well, technically not anymore since it’s after midnight), but because my amazing friend Pam continues to inspire me, I dedicate the following to her in thanks for the encouragement, the hope, and example of bravery she always provides me. This one’s for you, Pammy Cakes! We Are Made […]

Let Freedom Ring

Just a short note on the current same sex marriage debate. No political ranting, just some honest thoughts. I’m a socially liberal, fiscally conservative, Catholic girl who believes in same sex marriage even though my church currently doesn’t. What the church says and what I believe God wants for us all–to be happy and loved– […]

You and Me (and everyone we know)

You and Me (and everyone we know ok, it’s back up, just gotta scroll down a bit. Here’s a link to a blog I contributed to very recently. “Conversations with Hattie” bravely discusses mental illness and is a member of the Mental Health Writers Guild. “I am just a girl in this world. I’m just like […]


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