11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Who wouldn’t love to be a student all their life, but I guess you could always say we’re all students of life. Being students of life allows us to write our own history, instead of read or learn about someone else’s. I love you’re writing style, no doubt that you’ll be snatched up by someone when you’re ready, or maybe you’ll be an entrepreneur and blaze your own path.

    1. What kind, wise words. I agree, we are all students of life. Some of us have a harder time learning those lessons, though 🙂 I do hope to make it as a writer, and I honestly believe that the hardest part of doing so is overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there. This blog was my first step in saying, not just to the world, but to myself: Here I am. Thanks again! Best wishes.

  2. Hi Jaclyn. It’s nice to know that you’re passionate about writing. Your writing skills are impressive. I received your e-mail asking for an interview. I represent Joystics and was wondering if you would like to write for (and perhaps administer) the website. Are you passionate about reviewing games and the games industry in general? If yes, do feel free to contact me. I am following your blog. 🙂

      1. Always Welcome Jaclynlyons ..All the best for your future writing.Are you interested to write Articles through our blog .

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