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Seeing the World Through Smudged Plexiglas Partitions

Seeing the World Through Smudged Plexiglas Partitions  I never really understood the desire to see the world through rose-colored glasses. I don’t mean the literal invention of spectacles that allowed for people with certain conditions to see words on a page correctly–of course that is brilliant, akin to a miracle even. What I mean is… Continue reading Seeing the World Through Smudged Plexiglas Partitions

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“Beyond the First Amendment”

“Beyond the First Amendment”

Check out my guest blog post and the Let’s All Be Free project. Great people with great ideas! Follow them on Twitter @LetsAllBeFree.

I was asked to blog about what freedom means to me, as a writer, a woman, an American, or any other way I chose to identify myself. Inevitably, it always comes back to the writing. 

“It is no surprise that now freedom, to me, comes in the form of words, specifically in writing–an outgrowth of the act of reading that I learned at age of three. I still tend to communicate better on paper, but I’ve found my voice and I’m not afraid to use it. I think this is a catharsis for anyone who endeavors to write–the moment when you overcome the anxiety of sharing your work and dare to actually identify yourself as a writer.”