A few years ago I started making my own greeting cards when I couldn’t find any in the store that I liked. Some are REALLY awful, aren’t they? It’s like they haven’t updated them from the ’80s..and then there is Papyrus which is way expensive for something to likely be thrown out in a few days. Target card selection in currently my fave–they have really cute, updated cards compared to some of the pharmacy and grocery store chains and at a few different price points. Bravo, Target.

Anyway, making cards got me into lettering and design. When I started out I was really, really bad at it. Since getting an iPad Pro with the pencil and watching some tutorials on hand lettering, I’m slowly getting better. With LOTS of practice. I’ve been laid up with some health issues, so it’s been a positive way to pass the time in bed. I’m still not necessarily good, but when I look back at my old stuff I have some hope at least! Pinterest is essential for anyone aspiring to hand letter or iPad letter. Instagram is a close second. I follow these artists and companies for inspo on Instagram:








@saseink (local company here in Charleston, SC)









My own insta @jaclynwrites has some occasional posts, but feel free to follow my Lettering and Design board on Pinterest! I update almost daily.

Here’s some stuff I’m working on. Be kind, I’m still a beginner!